The story so far…

…February 2009 – found a small lump under my left armpit. Didn’t think anything of it as I’d had a similar lump in the right armpit in 2004, had it investigated and it turned out to be a fatty lump – it went as quickly as it had arrived.

…12 May 2009 – posted on Facebook that I have ‘one tit bigger than the other’ as Vicky Pollard would say. I was starting to wonder if there was a problemo as my left boob seemed firmer than normal.

…15 June 2009 – went to see the lovely Dr Sakhrani at the Wessex Road practice in Lower Parkstone. She told me there and then that it was something to be worried about. “I’ll be the first at your party if it’s not, but I’m pretty sure it’s cancer”. She was just fabulous. Factual with a bit of humour thrown in.

…19 June 2009 – first (of many, I’m sure!) visits to Poole Hospital. The Ladybird Ward. Saw Miss Mellor. Another lovely lady. An examination, followed by a mammogram and some biopsies. She told me that they have to follow the process but again, she confirmed it’s cancer. Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I will need 4 months of chemo. My hair will fall out (I cried at that bit) and then I’ll have a mastectomy. AND I forgot my parents anniversary again. Bums.

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  1. Hiya

    Followed a link on Twitter to see this blog. If you need it – check out – it will boost you when you’re feeling down.

  2. Tara Holland (O'Malley!)

    Hi Sarah,
    Since we hooked up again after all those years since leaving the World Of All Hallows I have bloody enjoyed your frank and amusing posts on FB! To hear now that you’re dealing with cancer and facing Chemo and a masectomy has shocked me and knocked me sideways. Sarah, you are quite clearly made of strong stuff and are overflowing with positivity and that combo is going to see you through. Sending you a huge barrel of strength even more positivity++++ from Down Under,
    Tara 🙂

  3. Sarah

    My thoughts are with you – I can’t believe your news. I don’t know you that well but what I do know is that you are a warrior woman and you will fight this through grit and dtermination – sending loads of luck, energy and positive vibes Lisaxxxxxx

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