I'm not in denial

I know the collective ‘you’ mean very well indeed. But PURLEEEEEASE stop telling me I haven’t accepted this/I’m in denial/it hasn’t sunk in yet.

I’m quite a switched on cookie and I get it. I know what’s coming as much as I possibly can and I have accepted it. Of course I don’t know how it feels mentally or physically to go through chemo/op/radio but then frankly unless you’ve been through it, no one does. And even if you’ve been through it – your experience and mine will be very different. The beauty of this life is that we are all individuals.

You don’t choose to get cancer. But you can choose your attitude towards it. And I have.

2 responses to “I'm not in denial

  1. At least it’s not new territory to you – as a family we have beeen there before – got the T-shirt even! LOL x

  2. I admire your courage and how you are approaching this difficult time. You are an inspiration and I hope that the way you have chosen to share your experiences in such an open way will help and give reassurance to others: both those who are close to you and those who may be going through a similar experience. xxx

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