Hair and the cold cap

Forgot to write on the hospital update that I discussed hair loss with the nurse. She said the cold cap could reduce the likelihood of my hair falling out, but it would still probably go very thin. Also, because I sometimes get migraines, the cold cap is likely to bring one on.

Also, I heard today from the daughter of someone who has used it, that the cold cap is bloody painful in it’s own right. As it’s name suggests – it’s freezing and the idea is to shrink the hair follicles so the hair is less likely to come out and you have to wear it for several hours each chemo treatment. It also extends your appointment time by those few hours each time.

Bugger that. No cold cap for me. The hair can be shaved as previously toyed with.

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  1. My, you are so wrong ! I used the Penguin Cold Caps 2 years ago, I was probably the # 4 or 5 user in the US and I can tell you as an actual user .. the caps are not painful. I happen not to be a good patient, hate needles, ports, scan and overall pain. If anything they helped with side effects as the cap is approved for migrains. I kept 80% + of my hair as your hair does thin some. I had no bald spots, just thinning that only I noticed. I have since then assisted over 100 ladies (for FREE as I am not paid by the company or the users) and men in the US with saving their hair during their chemo treatments and have not yet had an unhappy cancer patient that used the Penguin Cold Caps, as all but a very few lost their hair for one reason or another usually not associted with the caps. You have to be a cancer victim to really know the feeling you get when your Dr. tells you that you have cancer and double hits you with, you are going to loose your hair, especially if you are a female. For me and most, the Penguin Cold Caps not only kept my dignity with my hair through my chemo treatment, the caps also took my mind off the chemo as my support team and I concentrated on keeping my hair and did not dwell on the chemo drugs that were killing other things in my body .. besides the cancer . You would have to live it to feel it !! If you are preparing for chemo, you may want to email me, I would be happy to help you out.

  2. I just wanted to mention that there are a few celebrities in the US that have used the Penguin Cold Caps through their chemo treatments and very successfully, I may add. Sadly the US is way behind other other countries in cutting edge technology. In some countries you don’t have to search for the Penguin Cold Caps, they are used in their hospitals / chemo center by any and everyone that wishes to use them. How sad is this that here in the great US we are not being given the same opportunity ??? Never say “it dosn’t work” try it and then contact me and “thank” me for spreading the word. Hopefully YOU will never need the Penguin Cold Caps, but if YOU do, remember the name … PENGUIN COLD CAPS !!!!!!!
    Sincerely, Joyce Duffy Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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