Hospital update

Note to self: don’t go out drinking the night before a hospital appointment.

So, yesterday I learnt that EVERYONE has the same appointment time – 09:50. So I was quite pleased when I managed to sneak into see Mr Pain (yes, really – how ironic!) at around 10:20 – ahead of others that had arrived before me. I felt quite significant.

He just confirmed everything that Miss Mellor had already said really. Nice enough chap. I did feel a bit rushed but he was probably on normal speed where I was in need of extra slow hangover speed! He told me I’d need to have a CT Scan to make sure the cancer isn’t anywhere else. And he explained why they needed to take more biopsies. I didn’t really understand but the summary is they didn’t take enough last time!

The answers to most questions seemed to be ‘Dr Dean will discuss that with you’. Dr Dean will be my Oncologist, but I am yet to meet her. She’s lovely but retiring soon according to the nurse.

So then I went in with the nurse. She gave me a gazillion leaflets and a fancy folder that I will probably never read. She was lovely and seemed to ‘get’ the fact that I have a need to get some dates in so I can organise my life and business as much as possible. Thumbs up for her.

We talked about whether I should get my eggs harvested in case I become infertile. I need to discuss it with Dr Dean really but it means delaying treatment by 4 weeks and she didn’t seem to think that was a good idea….she also said my age is on my side and whilst possible, it’s more unlikely for my menopause to start than if I was older. So, messin around with eggs is pretty much off the cards.

I had an ultrasound which was uncomfortable – made me realise that actually the boob is quite sensitive now and I don’t really fancy all that prodding around business. Anyway, I took it like the man (whoops) woman I am! They found 2 lumps above my nipple and 2 lumps below and well as the one in my armpit. I feel better for knowing how many lumps I have – they are ickle ones (she thinks they are about pea size). One of the reasons my breast is swollen is that as well as the inflammation, because the lymph node is affected, it’s not doing it’s job properly so I have lymph juice (I’m sure that’s not what she called it!) stuck in there, unable to drain away. I’m actually kinda liking my boob now – it quite firm and pert. Shame it’s not for a good reason 🙂

The also took 8 biopsies. The first few didn’t hurt at all but the last two were awful – the local anesthetic was wearing off and I could feel it. Ow ow ow. However, I let them carry on because they said I was being very brave and a model patient. I half expected to be given a sugar lump, but alas, not the case!!!

So, yesterday I was a bit moody because I had a very sore boob. It’s ok today but still got the steri strips and plasters on. Not the best look ever!

The CT Scan is booked for 8th July and my first chemo session is 16th July after seeing the Oncologist on 15th. So…I have a few weeks to get and organise things which I am really delighted about. Of course, they could change their minds, but it feels great to have some dates in the diary.

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