"Unknown Number"

I think this will be a familiar sight on my Blackberry in the coming months.

In the past it has meant that Mummy or Daddy are trying to ring me. Now it’s more likely to be the hospital.

I had a phone call from the Oncologist’s secretary, Linda, yesterday. They have brought my CT Scan forward…to this Thursday. Eeeek! Happybloodybirthday to me!!!! Ha ha

And they have also brought my appointment with Dr Dean, the Oncologist, forward to 7th July.

Chemo is still scheduled for 16th, but they will make contact with me if they think this should be moved forward…watch this space!

8 responses to “"Unknown Number"

  1. would you like me to come with you on thurs?

  2. Probably a bit scary, but I guess it’s better to get things moving along as quickly as possible. My thoughts are with you as ever xxx

  3. Thanks, Estelle. Just going to go with me and my laptop. Most of it is sitting around as I understand it, so I may as well work! Thanks for the offer, though.

  4. ok, speak soon
    estelle x

  5. Auntie Chris and Uncle Pete

    Thanks for letting us have this Blog details so we can keep up to speed with your news. Good luck for Thursday we’ll be thinking of you and happy birthday as well!! Nick and Suzy send their love and best wishes. xxxx

  6. Glad that they are getting things moving, it stops the anticipating lark. Hope it goes easily for you on Thursday, you’ll be in my thoughts all day for sure. Vis a vis the birthday – ‘growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional’, so do stay as daft as poss’. I know you’ll try. A. xxxx

  7. You know we are there for you when and how needed! LOL x

  8. I guess it’ll be a birthday to remember, not necessarily for the right reasons … hope you are planning something fun to do as well!

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