CT Scan

Well firstly, there is nothing to report, apart from I’ve had the scan! The rest of this post is just ramblings and details – but don’t look for the outcome as that’s not til Tuesday!

I arrived late. 15 minutes. Trying to get through Bournemouth on the hottest day of the year so far is not easy! Not a good start. But they didn’t seem to mind.

Had to drink a litre of water over a space of an hour. Even I could do that after 4 hours with none! I was worried they would make me drink gallons in 5 minutes or something silly.

Got called after 45 minutes instead of an hour (see, being late is a gooooood thing!) and to be honest, it zoomed. I had my laptop and phone so easy to keep amused. Note to self: do the same for future appointments.

As is normal we me, they couldn’t find a vein. Found one and then went in where there was a valve. I have no idea of the consequences other than it hurt more than a line should. Ho hum. I can do pain!

They put something in me that could give me a flush (I was warm anyway), a funny taste in mouth throat (it did) and a feeling that I was wee-ing even though I wasn’t (I’m not sure that’s quite how I’d describe it…maybe I was getting the flush in my ladybits, but it wasn’t a totallu unpleasant experience!!!)

A bit of breathing in and out and a machine whizzing back and forth over my body and it was all done.

A sausage roll from the garage never tasted so good after 6 hours without food. I was starving!!!

4 responses to “CT Scan

  1. There I was, in a country church in deepest Norfolk, sufferin’ on me poor knees at the altar. ‘Keep her safe and sound, Lord’ etc. etc. And what were you up to? Warming up your ladybits, eating sausage rolls and playing with your laptop. Ah, the youth of today…..

  2. hi sarah, i know you are scheduled to see the consultant today. all your friends are thinking of you – please let me know if there is anything i can do for you. estelle x

  3. Auntie, you do make I larf 🙂

    Estelle, you are a real gem, thank you x

  4. Reckon you should be bottling this PMA and selling it for extortionate amounts – it seems to be worth every single penny!!!

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