Yippee Zippee Dippee Do Dah!

I’m a very happy girl today.

I had my first (and my last – she’s retiring!) meeting with Dr Dean and she gave me the awesome news that the cancer has not spread anywhere else. I was having lots of positive thoughts and a gut feeling that it hadn’t. But you can guess how fantastic it was to have that confirmed.

So the plan is as it was. Chemo starts on 16th.

I am also making a real effort (with some very positive encouragement from a certain someone) to eat healthily in the hope that I will get some oxygen back into my body and give it the best chance to heal quickly. Broccoli every single day, no fast food, no white bread, no crap. Will be hard but worth it.

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and prayers.

4 responses to “Yippee Zippee Dippee Do Dah!

  1. Auntie Chris and Uncle Pete

    Great news! Just spoken to your Mum & Dad and much relief is felt all round. Keep up the healthy diet, broccoli every day, there’s a commitment (Uncle Pete calls them trees!!!). Good luck for the 16th.
    Loads of love xxxx

  2. So, so relieved when Skinny phoned with your news – now you can go forward with an easier mind. You could always make a broccoli smoothie, it would slip down more easily. Hope all goes well on 16th. We keep you in our thoughts. Much love. Auntie and Gordon. xxx

  3. great news, lovely to see you yesterday evening, looking so well and happy.
    keep it up!
    estelle x

  4. That’s truly great news Sarah ! Delighted to hear you’re staying so positive too. If you can face it – fresh tomatoes are meant to be fabulously healthy too. Though I do believe eating too many turns your skin a funny colour – or is that carrots ?!?!? If you fancy something stronger, there’s always a drinkie for you at the hotel. Xx

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