The alternative is not an option

My head was buzzzzzing last week. Some people I know and respect suggested various contacts and methods for beating cancer using alternative therapies and I was seriously considering trying to beat cancer using only natural remedies – eating super healthily and taking supplements.

After much investigation, mainly by the notboyfrined (thank you), I have decided to stick to the traditional route and chemo starts on Thursday.

Some people have been cured by alternative therapies, some haven’t. Some people have been cured by traditional methods, some haven’t. But I have decided to stick to the traditional route. The type of cancer I have is deemed as aggressive and I just feel that I haven’t time to try alternatives. I was so delighted to receive the all clear from the cancer spreading, but I have 4 lumps in my breast and 1 in my armpit, so it needs to get zapped asap.

I am, however, eating a much much healthier diet than ever before. I am drinking gallons of water. And I have no doubt that this will make me stronger through my treatment.

It’s so hard to know what the ‘right’ thing to do is. The argument for and against traditional seems to me to be very similar to politics. Lots of talk, lots of statistics, lots of great individual examples. But no hard facts. So, as ever, I have to rely on my gut feeling and do what I feel is right.

But a big ‘thank you’ to all that have taken the time to share their stories with me. Muchly appreciated!

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  1. Mightily relieved x

  2. How about prayers to St Jude for a Complementary Therapy? I’ve found him pretty good in my experience! x

  3. hi sarah, i think you`re wise. when people receive a diagnosis of any kind, they are deluged with people who claim cures. if that was really the case, the hospitals would be empty. keep yourself as healthy as you can with what you are doing and visualise the treatment doing the job.
    thinking of you with positive thoughts. estelle x

  4. hi sarah, beaming positive thoughts to you today.
    many people now undergo chemo with few side effects and i hope you will be one of those.
    estelle x

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