One down…

Well, it’s the day after the day before and I feel absolutely fine. I’m having a lazy day…just because I can!

I have a bit of a sweet taste in my mouth but other than that, no different to normal. I am pacing myself so that I don’t get knackered but I’m really pleased that this pma stuff, prayers and good wishes is all paying off. whoopeeeeee!

The chemo nurses were absolutely lovely. I had all my injections in my arm – 2 big syringes full of red stuff, a smaller syringe with clear stuff and another smaller one with clear stuff, then a bag of clear stuff. That’s the technical explanation!!!

I did have a little cry with Mum and Dad when we got home from lunch and shopping. No idea why. Just felt like it, so let it happen. Wasn’t a proper cry, no jiggly shoulders or owt like that. Mum said she felt a bit tearful after her chemo, so it’s ‘normal’ I guess.

Off to drink another gallon of water cos apparently that will help with lots of supposed side effects.

2 responses to “One down…

  1. hi sarah, sounds so far so good. when i got your text yesterday i was at the tenovus lab in southampton hearing about all the fantastic new treatments being developed. so it was great to hear that your first treatment went so well.
    catch up soon, estelle x

  2. Fantastic to hear you’re feeling fine!!

    Col & I are thinking of you.


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