No crying. No smoking. 2 days

Maybe there is a link? I haven’t given up smoking because I enjoy it. But I haven’t had a filthy stinking fag for 2 days and I haven’t snivelled either!!!

I did meet the Yateley girlies yesterday, and I had a yummy roast at S-J’s (fanking you, miss). And I got my coffee tables from her garage, put them together, rearranged my lounge, moved the desk to the bedroom and a mini wardrobe to the lounge before falling out with it cos it wouldn’t go through the bathroom door without a fight and I didn’t have the energy. Primarni missed out on my pennies yesterday, alas.

Mummy and Daddy came to the rescue today – both to return the brand new TV that was up the shoot (don’t buy a Technika from Tesco’s!), and show the mini wardrobe who’s boss!

Despite feeling like I needed a kip when they left, I decided it was imperative to clean the bathroom and put things in the mini wardrobe (which should now be called a cupboard, I suppose). All done and despite dropping my Blackberry in the bath whilst I was cleaning it (the bath, not the Blackberry), I’ve spent most of the evening nattering on it.

I am however, rather bored of washing up. It’s been years since I’ve not had a dishwasher and I am seriously contemplating a paper plates only rule in this pad 🙂

Oh, and the fat tit seems to be less fat again today. Hurrah!

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  1. Go for it girl! x

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