Wiggy will or wiggy won't?

Oh my!

It seems as if I am going to need to ensure I am happy carrying off the bald look!

I went to try on wigs yesterday and they are mostly truly awful!!! It was fun trying and I need to go back with makeup on because apparently when you wear a wig, you need more makeup (?!) and I had none. But they all really looked like wigs!!!

I was raven black through to blonde all within 45 minutes. The nothusband will be most amused that the one that suited me most was called ‘ginger brown’ because he always said I had a tad of ginger in my hair…it was the one nearest to my hair colour.

Anyway, I shall return with Sarah-Jane and of course I shall have to buy one because I get it free on the NHS and anyone that knows me knows I like free things. But whether you’ll ever see me wear it is a whole other question…

5 responses to “Wiggy will or wiggy won't?

  1. what about trying bright pink or is that not available on the nhs?
    lots of love
    estelle x

  2. Don’t do NHS, go to Debenhams, where they take care of you very well in their wiggy section and have some sexy stuff. you can have it on me. If you promise to visit me in my old people’s home in due course. See, you get nuffin for nuffin. xxxxxx

  3. Auntie Chris and Uncle Pete

    Hi Sarah
    Glad things are going OK and the treatment is doing its job. Just back from a week in Cyprus, lovely hotel, relaxing holiday but very very hot, so getting up to date with your news. I’m sure whichever wig you choose you will get used to it but you will look fine with the Kojak look anyway!! Sending all our love and we are thinking of you daily.
    Uncle Pete and Auntie Chris xxxxx

  4. I love the idea of the bright pink one – maybe not practical, but who cares!

  5. PS I think a Sinéad O’Connor style would suit you anyway – but might be a bit chilly when the weather cools so maybe a good idea to have one on hand!

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