Hair today, gone today

So last night, when I pulled a tuft out, I decided to invoke the master plan and knew today would be the day I go from long hair to shaved.

I made a big, big boob by showing my best friend what was happening by demonstrating pulling hair out with no warning. Cue BIG tears. Bums. Got that wrong. Sorry S-J.

So after working, I went to Asda and bought some shiny new clippers.

Sarah-Jane was an absolute gem. She told me I had to cut it first so as not to clog the clippers. Snippety snip went the scissors. It felt liberating, believe it or not.

And then she went on to give me a Grade 3 all over. I have to say, I would have known by her reaction if it didn’t…but it looked good.

We were going to have ‘skinheads on a raft’ as a celebratory dinner, but egg ‘n’ chips won the day 🙂

I came home and did my make up, put my black polo neck and decided I look bloody great. More Sinead than Demi – but deffo can’t complain at that.

6 responses to “Hair today, gone today

  1. i am sure you are looking as beautiful as always,
    thinking of you with lots of positive energy,
    estelle x

  2. Being privileged to have seen a photo – I can categorically say – You look absolutely stunning!

  3. A new Look superstar !!!!!

    It really does suit you

    Fanks for the photo

  4. Well done – I bet you look amazing still. Coffee always ready at the hotel – pop in to show me your fabulous new look. XxX

  5. You do indeed look stunning. And Sinead is beautiful – not quite as beautiful as Pash but not far off 🙂

  6. Gamine, brings out the eyes and the character in the face. I love it. It’s bye bye to the straighteners for a while – what will you do with all that extra time? xxx

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