The Oncology Nurse

I had an appointment at the outpatients department yesterday. No idea what I was going for…for once in my life I’m just doing as I’m told and being where I have to be when I have to be there.

Well, actually, the latter is not strictly true! Yesterday I decided I needed a power nap at 13:30, so went to bed and set my alarm for 14:00. I stirred at 14:54 thinking (crikey, that was a good kip for 30 mins). Of course, when I noticed the time, I leapt out of bed. 15:10 was my appointment and the drive is 20 minutes depending on traffic, then a walk from the carpark. Whoops.

I called the hospital and they sounded a little relieved that I wasn’t a huffy patient in their waiting room…they, too were running late! Hurrah.

So off I went, no idea what the appointment was about. Weigh in 65.4kg (no idea what that means). Then spoke to a lovely oncology nurse. She told me that Dr Dean had retired and the locum is lovely – they wished she was staying. But I didn’t meet her.

Then we discussed how I’d felt since my last treatment. I told her about the reduction in the swelling (although I notice in the last couple of days, it seems to be slightly bigger again but nowhere near what it was), about the mild odd taste in my mouth for a few days, a little more tired than usual and obviously she could see my bonce.

Despite every other medical professional saying ‘everyone is different’, this wonderful lady said she couldn’t guarantee but most people on the type of chemo I’m on tend to have the same reaction throughout their chemo as they have on the first one. Maybe more tired and more susceptible to bugs as my immune system will be buggered.

So…fingers crossed.

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  1. hi sarah, sounds like everything is going according to plan and the plan is a good one.
    thinking of you with loads of positivity,
    best, estelle x

  2. Good news Babe – Thinking of you tomorrow LOL x

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