Feeling ill on chemo? Whatever!

Friday was round 2 of chemo and you know what…I feel absolutely fine.

A bit tired today, but think that was more to do with the ‘walkathon’ I did yesterday with Neil. I tried pulling the ‘I’ve got cancer, you need to carry me’ stunt but the bugger just laughed!!!

Great day out…walked from Worth Matravers, to Winspit, to St Aldhelm’s Point and back to Worth Matravers. About 4 miles or so I guess. The weather was awesome and I remembered the sun cream, so no burnt bonce for me.

So, it appears the Oncology nurse was right…how I felt on the 1st treatment is how I feel now. In fact, slightly better as no tears, and no odd taste in my mouth.

The chemo appointment itself was a bit of a bum cos it lasted longer than I thought it would. My bloods were not as they should have been when the blood was tested on Wednesday, so they had to re-test. The count needs to be 1 and on Wednesday’s blood it was on 0.8. But up to 1.8 when they re-tested on Friday – dunno what I did in 2 days but whatever it was, was obviously a good move!!!

The highlight of the appointment was Neil popping out for a cig and reappearing with a Piglet balloon. Made me smile a lot and all the nurses were cooing and saying ‘beautiful’ – not sure if they meant the balloon or Neil! Unfortunately, leaving Piglet in the car in hot weather whilst we went for a walk at the beach was not such a good idea as he exploded 🙁

2 responses to “Feeling ill on chemo? Whatever!

  1. Good job you didn’t leave Neil in the car then!!!

    Glad the medics still going well x

  2. My irrepressible neece!

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