People stare

I went to church with my Mummy this morning because I knew it would make her happy, because I like singing hymns and the smell of incense and because I wanted to show all the people there that pray for me that it’s working!

When we went into church, Mummy said ‘I was going to ask if it bothers you that everyone stares at you and then I remembered that people always stare at you’. Later on, she said to my Daddy that she noticed when I had hair and we walk down the street, people always stare at me. I guess people do and she’s right, I don’t really notice people staring but when she points it out, I notice.

This week, I’ve had a couple more side effects – but nothing drastic. My mouth was a little sore and I got a mouth ulcer (although the ulcer could be because I bit my lip, actually!!!). My chemo arm is also starting to be a little uncomfortable…gonna have to look up and see whether there is anything I can do to reduce it going forward.

People keep asking how much more chemo I have to have. I can’t remember!!! Going back to check my original posts now and if nothing there, I better ask the hospital cos I feel a bit of a ninny not knowing!!!

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