YTS Locum @ Poole

Holy crapola!!! What a waste of time. Had to go and see the hospital today. The lady doc I saw last time has now retired and I got to see a locum. Without going into loads of detail (already had a rant to poor Neil!), she was very dullity dull dull and I didn’t really understand why I was there. Of course, she had a grope of my norks but couldn’t answer any questions and responded ‘ooooh it’s red’ when I showed her my sore gum…no sign of a suggestion for how to solve it.

I was probably already a bit narky when I saw her due to having to drive up and down the multi storey to find a space and then waiting for over and hour to be seen (do they not realise I am busy and important!!!)

Anyway, a big cuddle and fish ‘n’ chips later, I feel much better.

I’ve asked for an ultrasound to see whether the lumps are reducing in size (the swelling has gone down, but not sure on the lumps). She measured me with a plastic ruler like you’d have in school, but I prefer a more technical option!!!

Next chemo on Friday when I get to see the smiley nurses in Dorset Cancer Centre 🙂

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  1. i suggest you phone the tenovus cancer freephone helpline for suggestions to help the gum problem
    0808 808 10 10 (office hours).
    some people i know find bonjela useful on the gum and also corsodyl mouthwash and gel but do check with an expert first.
    see you next week, call anytime for a moan.
    estelle x

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