Half way there

Yesterday, I had my 3rd lot of chemo (out of 6). Not really a whole lot to report. Same old, same old. The nurses in the Dorset Cancer Centre were as wonderful as ever and my regular nurse, Seema made me laugh as normal. Not sure if it’s all in my mind that my breast is smaller already this morning. And weirdly, my mouth which was REALLY starting to hurt is a lot better, although not perfect, today.

My ultrasound appointment has come through already – it’s on Thursday at 13:40. So it will be good to know whether the lumps are doing anything, rather than just the inflammation.

I met up with K this week. K is a friend of a couple of friends who is just about to undergo her reconstructive surgery after have a single mastectomy. She delayed the reconstruction due to having things to do in her life and unfortunately, she’s just been delayed until who knows when as the surgeon has more urgent cases. It was good to hear her experiences and see her looking healthy and well, with her hair growing back really well. She is still using her fake boob at the moment and in all honesty, you’d never know. Her only problem with that was if she’s cold, you can only see one nipple pop up…but she’s not too bothered.

I was keen to hear about her reconstuction choice. She is having a piece of muscle from her back moved round to create a new breast. She doesn’t have enough on her tummy and she was also concerned that the scarring for the same would be too high and noticeable. I asked about fake boobs like you’d have for purely aesthetic reasons and she said that they can only reconstruct about a B cup using this method. She was a D before and wants that back, I’m a DD and kinda feel the same. So I want to research the options more. She made the op she is having sound pretty straightforward and only leaving a 3-4 inch scar on her back where her bra strap goes. She also said that she was only in hospital for a couple of days after her mastectomy and the pain was not too bad at all. Fingers crossed that it goes like that for me, too!!! Thank you, K for being a new friend and sharing so openly 🙂

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  1. I’m sure you won’t have enough on your tummy either!

    If you go for two reconstructions – How big a scar will that leave on your back? or do they take from two places?

    I guess the positive thought of using your own muscle would be that you shouldn’t get rejection problems

  2. I think they would take a bit from each side – kinda from armpit and out.

    I’m gonna try and speak to as many people who have had it done as possible before going to see the surgeon and making a decision.

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