Awaiting the results…

I had an ultrasound on Thursday to see how the lumpy bits are responding to the chemo. 15 minutes, the appointment should have been, but there I was for an hour and 20, with me norks oot and smothered in jelly (right under the freezing air con…not good!).

Apparently, not easy to get a like for like picture to compare from last time due to there being multiple lumps. Probably didn’t help that the machine to display the last set of pictures was in another room so the radiographer had to zip back n forth to go and have a look…poor woman was getting a bit stressed out!

So, not much comment was made about progress and I am waiting for a letter or an appointment for the outcome. But, I feel positive because the lump in the lymph node can’t be felt now and the swelling and lumpiness has definitely changed.

2 responses to “Awaiting the results…

  1. sounds positive. catch up soon, estelle x

  2. Keep up the PMA Babe! x

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