Shit Saturday

The first I knew of Saturday was being woken at 0415 by a growly tummy. I soon recognised the type of pain and thought ‘oh no, here we go’. At 20, I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer which plagued me quite severely for years. I changed my attitude to stress and also dramatically reduced the amount of coke I drank and it improved no end, but every now and again it kicks off. Pain like no other pain ever, sweating and eventually when the pain subsides, just feeling absolutely exhausted. So for about an hour and a half I wished myself dead (yes, really, that’s how bad it hurts) and eventually it went away and I fell back asleep. 10:30 and it kicked off all over again but managed only half an hour this time.

Bloody thing. That was it, I was in a reeeet bad mood all day. I decided I looked like a boy, I was fat. Blah blah. It’s the first time the hair thing has really bothered me.

So yesterday I wore red lipstick and high heels and a real tight top. Went to Party in the Park and everyone stared at me and I saw loads of people I knew, most of whom called me a bitch for looking so great. Normal service has been resumed 🙂

2 responses to “Shit Saturday

  1. thanks for your help at the party in the park, the raffle proceeds were £628!
    speak soon
    estelle x
    p.s. tkts almost ready for “UP”!

  2. Maybe it was the Friday-night food?

    Glad you are ok now x

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