76 bookings and gumache

I’m delighted that there are already 76 people booked and paid for The Pash Bash. If you haven’t booked, please do so as soon as possible!!!

That’s the good news.

The downside is that I have a poorly gum. To be expected with this type of chemo but it’s starting to get on my pip now! I got some special antiseptic mouthwash from the hospital, which leaves a taste for aaaages but I am doing it anyway. At least it’s a constant nag…it could be mouth ulcers and they reeeeaaaalllly drive me potty!

2 responses to “76 bookings and gumache

  1. Sorry to hear about the gum problem – might rinsing your mouth with little bicarbonate in water help – pretty rotten taste but might help? x

  2. warm salt water mouthwashes can also be helpful,
    estelle x

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