Magically better…

The PMA is back. Sarah-Jane bought me a magic wand yesterday to make me better and it worked! She also bought me an etch-a-sketch (how cool is that!), a bag of chocolate clustery things (yum) and some of her home made risotto (double yum). So I’m fixed.

Been up since 0630 working, orf to get my nails done now, swing back via the hospital for a blood test, do loads more work and the grand finale…get to watch my man playing rugby tonight (treble yum with sugar and cherries).

Life is good again

5 responses to “Magically better…

  1. Pleased to hear it doesn’t take much to get you ‘on your feet again’ X

  2. Auntie Chris and Uncle Pete

    Keep on with the hugs and kisses and especially the chocolately clusters, and keep positive. We are all behind you all along the way and will get my tickets for Pash Bash shortly!!!

  3. A pure gold friend, nothing more valuable in the world.

  4. You continue to be an inspiration.

    XX all at TelePA

  5. Glad to hear your feeling dandy i love your PMA, looking forward to the PASH BASH.
    Take care
    Katie xx

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