The new drugs

Well I arrived early for my appointment on Friday…just before 2. The cancer centre hadn’t realised that I was changing drugs as they have their planner up from the start of the week, which said I was on FEC. Cue waiting around for an hour before we got started. Docetaxel is administered by a drip, so no sitting around nattering with Seema, the nurse, this time. Sooz came with me and kept me entertained, as did Harry, who was accompanying his wife for her treatment in the chair opposite me. What a character!

So it all went well, no hurty arm like you get with the FEC.

But the delay was a pain as Sooz needed to be somewhere. Neil came to get me, but running late meant I hadn’t packed for my weekend to meet the parents, so we were later than planned getting to Taunton. Ne’er mind, the yummy chinese takeaway waited for us and the dogs were pleased to see us!!!

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