New norks

I was really excited about the prospect of having an in depth natter with A yesterday, and was glad that I felt well enough for her to still come over. She arrived about 4 and left about 8 and we had a hoot – like we’d known each other for yonks. In fact, we’d met only once before. She is the best friend of someone I know through networking who hooked us up to share epxerience.

She was diagnosed in April 2008 with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and re-construction, then chemo (FEC). So obviously a different stage to me, different type of breast cancer and treatment in a different order. But the main reason I was keen to speak to her was to hear her thoughts on new norks.

Better than any google research, she talked me through the whole process – both practical, physical and emotional. I got to have a look and squidge of her boobs as they are now and I have to say, I feel a lot less daunted by the prospect of the fakeries now. I hope I can have mine reconstructed at the same time as the mastectomy. She did. But she didn’t have radiotherapy and at the outset, they did say I would, which would prevent that happening.

Reality is that it’s all frickin painful, upsetting, hard and all those other words. But damn, she looks good on it. And her attitude is not dissimilar to mine in terms of staying positive.

As well as the knowledge dump, we shared some wine, a few menthols and lots of gossip about boys. We laughed quite a bit. I think I may just have made me a new friend at the same time. Happy days.

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  1. Good your new friend left you feeling positive – and glad you have a new friend too x

  2. hi hon, it’s good to share experiences and so glad it seems that this worked for you. I really can’t imagine how frightening it all is. When you’re ready to, do get in touch with V (I introduced you both on Fbk a few weeks ago). She won’t mind me saying that she finished her Chemo last week and is readying herself to get her “norks” reconstructed…she’s some good advice and I think you’d both benefit from a chat. Big love Mx

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