Thumbs up for the NHS

Well, after feeling better at the weekend, it was a steep downhill this week 🙁

The aches were well and truly gone by Saturday but on Sunday, the sore mouth was back in earnest. Two types of mouthwash, bonjela, paracetamol and ibuprofen were not even beginning to touch it. And it got worse.

On Tuesday, I called the Cancer Centre to ask what could be done. Their answer was ‘not a lot’ unless I could get in to see them. So I called my GP. Who prescribed some Voltarol over the phone and the lovely Sooz went to collect it for me.

It took the edge off within about 20-30 minutes of taking it but the relief lasted only about an hour.

Still not sleeping properly.

By the time SJ came over on Wednesday evening, I was fit to collapse. In fact, I pretty much did…on her shoulder in floods of tears. She took control and phoned the out of hours GP service. I’d never even heard of it. She was interviewed on my behalf about what was what and they agreed the out of hours GP at Poole Hospital would see me. So she mopped up my tears and got me in the car. Her normal wonderful style was to make me laugh and I begged her not to cos it hurt. But she can’t help it. A natural comediene, that girl.

So we spend an hour with Sue Greenwood, the nurse, going through in detail what the problem is, my medical history, symptoms and of course the magic torch in mouth. She was very thorough indeed, but I am sure it took an hour cos she had to input everything int0 the computer. And of course, nurses don’t get touch-typing courses thrown in!!!

She was sympathetic without being patronising and really seemed to care. So…she made her recommendation to Dr Bridgeman, who sauntered in with his shorts and flip flops and basically, he gave me the best blowyourhead off painkillers he could – Cocodamol (hemihydrate 30mg and paracetamol 500mg – 2 to be taken 4 times a day). He also decided to give me antibiotics (amoxicillin 250mg 1 to be taken 3 times a day) in case there was something underlying. Plus something for the potential ‘itch’ that antibiotics can give – girls, you know what I’m on about…

So orf to Tesco late night pharmacy. It fascinates me how a hospital does not have a pharmacist who can prescribe at that time of night, but Tesco does. What a mad country we live in!!!

Anyway, the pharmacist tried to palm me off with effervescent co-codamol. Erm, no I don’t think so. He insisted they’d be better as the capsule form were huge. Never mind, I told him, effervescent stuff makes me wanna barf. So of course, the Princess got her own way. It made us chuckle as we walked along the car park, bursting open the drugs. The capsule form were not big at all. Were the effervescent going out of date, or are the capsules more expensive and he had a budget to meet? They were not big at all!!!

So, Wednesday night I slept. Yesterday during the day I slept. Last night I slept. I am the sleep monster. 2 weeks with almost no sleep and I am sure making up for it now!!!

I am still in pain, but it’s the numb kind of pain like when you have been to the dentist. I’ll keep taking the tablets.

I did go to the dentist yesterday and have to go back Tuesday for the results of the XRay. My guess is that I have an abscess and it’s nothing to do with bloody chemo after all. I’ll report back after I’ve seen him.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to look more like a hamster each day and enjoy dribbling as I sleep. Soooo attractive!

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  1. whew, what a roller-coaster ride. it sounds like sleep could be the best medicine at the moment.
    catch up soon
    thinking of you with positive thoughts
    estelle x

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