1 more to go…

We’re running late with chemo today.

Had my blood taken at about 11.45 this morning and the lab were a bit slow. Just had the first flush hooked up and watched the lovely Seema sticking the needle in my arm and had the biggest smile on my face that I’ll only get to see that 1 more time. Yippeeeee….

The oncologist popped up to see me before my chemo and said as soon as I feel an ache, I should take the Solpadol painkillers that they gave me before and I *might* just get away without the aches of a few weeks ago!!!

It feels kinda exciting to be nearly done. Although I know the hardest part is still to come with the norks coming off…that has to be painful! That’s when the cancer is gone gone gone, never to return, so I will be a brave ickle girl and put up with the pain.

2 responses to “1 more to go…

  1. Brave doesn’t begin to cover it….xx

  2. Hi Sarah, don’t mean to butt in and I know you’re probably sick of the ‘have you tried this’es, but just wanted to say my m-i-l consulted a homeopath before her mastectomy and swears the remedies made a huge difference to the pain level she had. (The nurses were threatening to pinch her toes as they would not believe she did not need painkillers). The homeopath she used was in Poole.

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