Messed up!

After sleeping until almost lunchtime today (well, yesterday, now), I spent most of the afternoon wishing I could go back to bed and sleep some more. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to. It’s a different type of tired, this ‘chemo tired’.

My lovely chap took me to Harry Ramsdens for lunch where it was as much as I could do not to fall asleep in the biggest pile of mashed potato you could ever imagine. Then he treated me to a bag of tuppences in the arcade. I love that. I was getting annoyed at myself for feeling miserable but couldn’t snap out of it. I just wanted to feel alive and bubbly. A beautiful day in beautiful company, but no. Knackered.

I nearly cancelled the appointment with Karen at KHD. But so glad I didn’t! I got it. The wig. It looks bloody great, if I say so myself. She’d ordered 3 as she gets them sale or return, so I had colour choice, and style. She’s trained by Trevor Sorbie to cut them properly, too. Not too much tinkering with the one I chose, but just enough to make it look real. Well I think so, anyway. And SJ said it looks like my own hair but better, so that’s a good sign, huh? She’d tell me if it was crap, for sure.

I was buzzing on the drive home. Noticed some bloke eyeing me up in the traffic jam and giggled to myself, tempted to whip it off and blow him a kiss. Another time.

So I could have just crashed out when I got home…what I’d wanted to do for hours. But instead, I’ve been messing around online and doing a little work. And to be honest, I could sit here all night. But I better not. Got an event on tomorrow. Just need to decide whether to go wigged up or not. heee heee

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  1. ‘How exciting’ cried Betty – can’t wait to see it x

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