Learning all over again

I’m not going anywhere or doing anything today but I decided to make myself feel better and make my face up.

When you have been doing your make up for at least 20 years, you go into auto-pilot. You may change a lipstick colour, or jazz up the eyeshadow a bit for an evening out. But you pretty much know what goes where and how.

I’ve never used eyebrow pencil – I have very dark brows naturally and just pluck them into the right shape. And although I’ve always worn good mascara, I didn’t really need to; I was blessed with naturally dark and long lashes.

But when half your eyebrows have gone and a dead spider appears to have a better look than your eyelashes, you have to think again!

I’ m not moaning. I actually look alright. But you just have to think a little more, gain a steadier hand and use items you havent tried before. It was easier on a Girls World!!!

One response to “Learning all over again

  1. Your make-up was fine and your hair, great – even if you found it a challenge it probably took your mind off how you feel for a while?

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