The hair

Whilst writing the previous post, I picked up my mirror a few more times.

I haven’t shaved my head for a couple of weeks and there is really quite a fuzz going on up there! So now I have a wig, I wonder whether I might just let it go crazy!!!

I seem to have a ‘reverse monk’ as I call it. The crown has quite a bit of growth, but the sides do not. And my naturally high forehead is even higher!

I do wonder how it will grow back. Many chemo patients report changes of colour, curls when it was straight etc etc. I’ll just have to wait and see. Karen at KHD told me that to help stimulate growth, I should massage my head. Mmmm, yum.

Still no armpit or bikini hair (yay) but the leg hair is relentless. Slower growing than normal, but Gillette will not be going out of business any time soon…

One response to “The hair

  1. Don’t build up your expectations – it might grow back just as before – albeit a bit thinner, to start? There was nothing wrong with it before and if it ends up curly/wavy – I don’t expect that will be right either!!

    You can always get someone else to do the head massage – nice and relaxing!

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