Bored of feeling like this…

I don’t like this Docetaxel much at all. I don’t feel as rubbish as the last dose, but I just have a list of things that are niggling me. Ready? Here goes…

My fingers nails hurt (which makes it hard to text – ok to type though)
I have a tummy ache which comes and goes.
I think the technical term for this one is ‘loose stools’. Nice.
My shins ache.
My shoulders ache.
I have an itchy bum.
I have itchy feet.
A flaky hand.
Tight scalp.
Cold sore up my nose (again)
Hurty skin.
Limited ability to taste.

Now…apart from that, I feel great!!!! ha ha.

It sounds much worse that it is I suppose, but it just seems like a very long list of ailments. If I whinge here, it means I don’t have to whinge in real life!

Last time I felt fine for 2 days, then crap for 5, then ok again (well, til my gum and tooth thing started, but now I know that was something unrelated). So, by my reckoning, I should be feeling normal again on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

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  1. You have a whinge babe if it makes you feel better!

    Just noticed the automatically generated posts above – “Mama has a huge behind” – Oh that makes me feel great – not!

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