Nearly a whole day on the go!

Delighted to report that taking it easy last week meant I was able to survive a loooong day yesterday at a wedding. Up at 07:30 and not to bed til gone midnight with only an hour and a half kip mid afternoon! Delighted.

Of course, I’m tired today but I probably would have been even if I wasn’t on treatment!

So, and update on my ailments…my feet are still playing up, the cold sore is still up my nose and feels like it’s gotten bigger. But all the other yucky stuff seems to be gone.

My eyes are watering like mad now and again – it really looks like I’m having a good cry, but I guess that’s where my eyelashes have almost gone and there is nothing to stop dust getting in my eyes.

So, hopefully a vaguely normal week this week before my LAST chemo appointment on 3rd. Wooooo hooooo.

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  1. Wooooo hooooo indeedy!

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