Little Miss Impatient

I’ve spent half an hour on the phone today to just about everyone at Poole Hospital! I decided that I want to know what’s happening next and more importantly – WHEN!

I have my last chemo on 3rd November – just a week away!

I also have an oncology appointment booked before the chemo.

But with Christmas also galloping in our direction, I want to be able to make some plans!!!

I’ve already been told that I will need another ultrasound and mammogram after my chemo, so I’ve been on a mission to try and get an appointment. The oncologist is on holiday this week and apparently she’s the only one that can request these appointments. grrrrr.

I did speak to the breast care nurses and she has said that my appointment with the surgeon will be either 20th or 27th November and she will try and get that booked in for me, so a slight step in the right direction. She also said that the mastectomy will be 2 or 3 weeks after that, assuming it’s just standard op. However, I did indicate to her that I want a double mastectomy and ideally reconstruction at the same time. That would mean a change of surgeon as Mr Pain, who I am currently under, doesn’ t do reconstruction. So possibly longer.

How on earth they can make something so simple, so complicated, is beyond me. But it looks to me like the op won’t be til at least early Dec, if not mid. And if I am lucky, there will be a sensible reason for it to be after Christmas. Then I would be really delighted.

But it sounds like I’ll no nowt til next week at least.

Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with!!!!

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