Who knows why, but today I decided to research more about IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer), which is what I have.

There is lots of blurb, as you would expect.

But the summary is that I have a 25-50% chance of celebrating my 40th, depending on which study you read.


I’m sorry if that harsh reality upsets you. I don’t feel that great about it, either. I write this blog to keep people up to date with the detail of what’s happening. And I guess that’s the detail.

Maybe tomorrow I will find where the PMA has hidden itself this evening. But for now, I’m mostly going to feel a bit emotional about the whole fucking mess.


3 responses to “Reality

  1. I’ve heard of “not pulling any punches”, but…

  2. You are at low ebb. Statistics are a mug’s’game, viewable from so many perspectives. Those two things combined can pull your spirits down Stay positive, you are our special girl and a great survivor, I know in my heart you will be alright.

  3. On checking sites myself I did find this in a IBC forum:- “Imagine my horror – don’t want to scare anyone else – but, the Onc said that information on the internet is very misleading, as these days IBC is NO different to any other type of cancer, usually as it means neo adjuvent chemo, then surgery (in almost all cases a mix). He told me not to read anything on the internet because it was old and outdated.”

    So keep the PMA going – a positive attitude is absolutely necessary – although days like today will creep in
    Remember you have a great team of experts looking after you
    Lots of people are praying daily for you – including your Mum to St Jude and to St Agatha (Patron Saint of Breast Cancer patients)

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