Happy news thread

….thought I’d already posted this, but found it as a draft. Whoops…


After my somewhat miserable post the other day, Mummy got on a mission to find some positive news for me online.


I sit here now with tears in my eyes and look forward to being able to post some equally heart warming stuff in the coming months and years for people who are where I am now.

I think I’d got into making the mistake that Inflammatory Breast Cancer is the same as Breast Cancer, just a ‘little bit more aggressive’. It’s not.

I think I am ready now to learn more, ask more questions and source the latest good news and best ways to deal with this. I’m not ready to give up. Far from it. There’s too much fun to be had.

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  1. Hi There,
    Just caught up with your news. Bollocks to the figures! You are both a great fighter and bloody minded (in the nicest possible way!). You have some great friends and family they will always be there when the going gets tough. Just concentrate on having fun.
    All best wishes
    R x

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