Hurrah for feeling normal!

Yay! Had a great weekend. Me and the boy went to the Aquarium in Bournemouth yesterday – like tourists, we were! Then a stroll through the park and smiling and all the mad halloween costumes about. Shopping! Felt really Christmassy and we all know how excited that makes me!!! Home to watch a light hearted DVD and eat a rather bloody delicious meal that the boy cooked. Hurrah.

And today was the lovely SJ’s birthday. She brought her new man to meet us all and he ended up treating all 8 of us to the meal. Wow. We liked him a lot. Ha ha. Lots and lots of laughter – so good to be with most of my closest friends in one place. It all felt quite Christmassy again to be in a nice pub, eating roast and leaving in the dark with the cold air nipping my nose.

2 responses to “Hurrah for feeling normal!

  1. Great Day all round then. So glad you’ve had such a nice day together with some of your friends. Lovely to hear you so much more upbeat.


  2. After last weeks entry – Hurrah indeed! x

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