Update on stats

After my rather miserable post last week, I decided to ask the oncologist today what my prognosis is according to her stats.

25% of people who have NO treatment at all make it to 10 years.
Having treatment increases that stat by 35%.

So – 60% chance I will be here in 10 years. So, sorry to disappoint, but you really should start saving for my 40th birthday gift after all 🙂

3 responses to “Update on stats

  1. Auntie Chris and Uncle Pete

    So glad the chemo is finished with and you have a few weeks respite before the op. We have put the first £1 in the piggy bank for your 40th birthday present!!!

  2. well done, keep up the good work
    estelle x

  3. And you should start thinking about my seventieth. It’s a commission as you know.

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