No idea whether it’s the fact I slept a bit during the day, or whether the steroids are doing weird stuff, but I was wide awake til 0430 this morning! What a load of rubbish on the TV at that time of day. And an overwhelming feeling that I should be a responsible neighbour and not start doing all the noisy jobs I wanted to do! So I messed around on Facebook and listed some stuff for sale on ebay, did a bit of work…

I woke originally this morning around 8 and decided it was far too early to get up, then again at 10:15. Little twinges of ache, but I’ll take some paracetamol in a mo and that will sort that out. Still got a mouth like Ghandi’s flip flop and developing nice crusty bogeys at a fine rate.

Slightly nervous about spending all day at wedding shows with Bridezilla due to the toilet situation, but already decided to smuggle in Febreze in a large bag, wear sunglasses for anonymity and if there is still a possibility of being spotted, I’ll whizz my wig round to being back to front and leg it.

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  1. Pleased to hear you are so ‘chipper’ – long may it last!

    Hope the holiday goes well too!

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