Bazooka time…

Well the trip to the hospital today was a success, if a little lengthy. Only just returned from my appointment at 10:50!

Mr Pain, the surgeon, was running around 40 mins late. Neil, SJ and I were ready to stamp our feet and insist on a double mastectomy, but it turns out, I didn’t need the heavies! He said I can have the ‘good’ breast removed. But he recommended not having that done until such time as I have the reconstruction done for the ‘bad’ breast. That way, the mastectomy and recon can be done all at once, alongside the recon of the bad one, meaning only 1 op on the ‘good’ one. Seems to make sense.

So, this time next Friday (27th), I will be in Wimborne hospital losing weight having the bad one lopped.

I expected to cry today. But I didn’t. I am excited and relieved to have a date so soon. And even better that I should be absolutely hunky dory for Christmas. Yay!

I also had an ultrasound whilst I was there. It showed that the lymph nodes had a vastly reduced presence of cancer – in fact, they could barely see it. That’s fab, because the lymph nodes are the buggers that shoot the cancer off round the rest of the body. However, the radiologist explained that the vast reduction reported in the last ultrasound was not exactly accurate. This radiologist did the first ultrasound, and someone different did the one mid way through chemo. Turns out she’d measured things differently and the biggest lump on my upper breast was measured initially as one mass, but the second radiologist had measured it as two lumps. In a way it’s good, because there had been some reduction but obviously can’t compare exactly like with like with those type of meaurements. My feeling is that the lump has reduced, but only a teeny bit. Will get a copy of the actual report, but essentially, it doesn’t matter a great deal as they are chopping it off anyway. The lumps on the lower breast have definitely reduced, but she didn’t commit to how much. Again, will find out how much when the report is done.

Also had 3 blood tests, an ECG, weight, height, blood pressure an MRSA tested etc – all part of the pre admission formalities. Not worried about any of that cos I’m fine, I know I am.

So, if you happen to see me in the next week or so, have a good stare at the left tit, cos after that, it will be gone!!! Bazooka’d you might say!

Just gotta move to SJ’s between now and then and catch up with friends and work colleagues. Gonna be a busy week!

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  1. Auntie Chris and Uncle Pete

    We’ll all be thinking of you next Friday, I’m sure you will be glad to see it gone, all the trouble its caused!! Glad you enjoyed Spain and your spirits are still high, good luck and loads of love xxx

  2. I was all ready to have a fight with Mr Pain and totally gang up on him about the double boobectomy, slightly took the wind outta my sails to be fair. Its all becoming real again for me, I think I got used to you being my bald best friend, and never really acknowledged the cancer, and in a way, I think i will still do that, for a while you will simply be my slightly wonky bald best friend.

    Why does everyone say ‘oh dear’ when i tell them you’re moving in? Its like people think we are out to cause mischief??? how rude!!!

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