The day after the day before

Well I am minus a tit, but other than that, much the same as yesterday!

It’s 08:35, I’ve had breakfast, cleaned my teeth and put my make up on.

My chest/armpit/arm only hurts a little bit when I move it. I have not had pain relief (which was only 2 paracetamol) since 22:30 last night and I can’t see I’m going to need any unless I overdo it, which I am not going to.

The nurses are all lovely except one who has a face like a slapped arse but SJ said I have to be nice to her or she might gob in my Butterscotch Whirl which is for pudding tonight. Harrumph.

Oh, and I am leaking less than average which is a good thing apparently. Can I go home now?

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