Will I or won't I?

Get to go home today? I’ve worked out that I am not really bothered about going home to be honest. I have a whole bay to myself, loads of beautiful flowers, the food is edible (won’t go crazy and say nice!), bed is comfy, next to the window for fresh air, but also the radiator, so nice and warm, lovely staff (the moo has not been back yet) and lots of lovely visitors. I have painted my toes and fingers, eaten 400g of chocolate in 24 hours and am currently listening to Elaine Paige on Radio 2 on the laptop (don’t have to have nasty headphones cos no one else here).

I am doing my arm movements and not in much pain at all. If I sit still, I can’t tell at all that I have had an op. Except the obvious missing tit. Discomfort only comes with significant movement. The drain is hardly collecting anything.

The Staff Nurse ‘has a feeling in her water’ that I won’t go home til tomorrow. I want to go home today. But not because I am unhappy here.

I realise I like wowing and inspiring people with my positivity and ability to deal with this like it’s nuffink, mostly. I would never risk my health and I do realise not everyone has the same experience. But for me, this is nowhere near as bad as it could be. I’m fine and I want to go home…because I can, not because where I am is bad. So that’s good, right?

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