What you see is what you get

If I say I am happy, not in pain, feeling great etc, then that’s how I am. If I feel crap, or down, then that’s the answer you’ll get – flippin ‘eck, there have been a couple of low days document on this blog, eh? Some people have had me snivelling on their shoulder and blowing snot bubbles on their cheek as I have a much needed hug.

I am lucky that I can count those days on my hand, but I do have them! I am not superhuman and nor do I pretend to be. But I am very lucky to have a wonderful life in general. If I am not in pain, then what do I have to be miserable about?

So, for all you people out there that don’t believe someone can be so positive…why? Maybe this is your issue, not mine.

2 responses to “What you see is what you get

  1. Talk about take us all outside give us a damn good shake and bring us back in. Nothing can faze me anymore and that is down to you and your PMA. Hoping to see you both very soon xx

  2. hi, you are such an inspiration, I too was diagnosed in June and have been positive about it all since day one, I have 2 kids and im going nowhere.

    I am now post treatment and regard myself as a cancer survivor

    take care honey

    Carol xxx

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