New boob, a bra and a loo seat cover

I’ve been on the go since early o’clock today and I feel great!

Had my nails taken off, dropped the key back to the estate agents, bought something naughty to eat in M&S.

Then I sat in my car and decided to phone the hospital. Having one boob was annoying me and I am going to a Christmas party on Saturday and the thought of stuffing my bra with socks was starting to make me sad.

Apparently, the hospital should have given me a squidgy temporary boob. So when I phoned the breast care nurse at Poole, she said I could pop in and get one. Imagine me swaggering back out the hospital, swinging my new nork in a carrier bag! Awesome.

Then off to town to buy a bra. Can you believe M&S and Primark don’t have any pretty non-underwired bras? So I settled for some cheap sports ones, so at least I have something to put my new nork in. I have it on now….hahahaha.

The Breast Care Nurse also said I could take my dressings off. In fact, I’d already taken the one off the drain holes this morning because it was enormous for the purpose and I wasn’t leaking. But now the scars are completely free (apart from being covered by a fake nork and dodgy cheap sports bra!).

I have noticed a bit of swelling today, but was warned to expect that, so I am not bothered.

Have got a friend coming round tonight and another one tomorrow morning. Going to a carol concert at the Minster on Saturday night, followed by a Christmas Meal with the Rozzers. Have booked to do some business networking next week. The bitch is back. Yay.

(No, Mum and Margaret, I won’t overdo it!!!!!)

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  1. Hi Sarah, I’m Kate’s mum so I feel I already know you. I am so glad you are feeling good at the moment. I must tell you a funny story that one of my friends told me. She had had a mastectomy as well and put on a lot of weight. She decided to join weightwatchers. One week she had cheated quite a lot so before she got on the scales for the weekly weigh in she removed her boob. Of course she had then lost weight so sometimes it does have its advantages. Keep feeling cheerful and if anytime you want to talk to a fellow breast cancer survivor just ring.

  2. Go for it girl – but I have to say definitely DON’T overdo it or you will pay for it later x

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