A check up from the neck up!

Apologies to those who were glued to their screens yesterday awaiting an update on my check up (as if!). I was busy working and having fun and didn’t get the chance to type.

It’s all good news. Hurrah!

I saw the lovely Judy, my consultant who I have referred to as Miss Mellor so many times, but realised when I was in hospital it’s Miss Mella. Anyway, bugger that formality, it’s Judy! She really is a bloody star. She could tell me I will live for 1000 years, or 1o minutes, but either would be ok because she is just so bloody good!

Anyhoo, I digress.

She started by telling me they were happy with the amount they removed. There was good clearance. Which means they removed sufficient amount of healthy breast tissue not to be worried that any cancer could be left behind. She also said that 11 of the 14 lymph nodes removed were infected…her mannerisms suggested this was quite high. I could be wrong, but I like to think that because it makes me feel important and ever so slightly superhuman! To get those 14 buggers, she went up to my shoulder through my armpit…how gross is that???? ha ha to you squeamish lot – I wish I could have seen it…I love blood n guts n gore!

She also explained that the lab found it is oestrogen (sp? can’t be bothered to look it up!?) receptive so they will put me on Tamoxifen immediately. Actually, I say immediately, but she did explain there could be nausea as a side effect, so bugger that this close to the festivities – I will start it in the New Year! In theory, I shouldn’t have had my op til today, so I’m sure it will be fine. Yes, Mummy, I hear you now….I will phone and check!!!!! ha ha

Good news is it isn’t somethingorotherelse positive, which means I don’t have to have Herceptin. That’s a drug that is administered like chemo – so regular trips to the hospital for up to a year. And I don’t have to do it. Whoop whoop and dancing and prancing about that.

She also re-emphasised that she doesn’t think the radiotherapy will have much effect on me side effect wise. Some people do feel exhuasted but she feels this can be much to do with the aftermath of chemo and op. Much like when you work work work so hard and you’re ok, then you go on holiday and you’re pooped. The radiotherapy I will have is low dose as it’s not trying to reach tissue or anything inside. It’s purpose is to blitz any rogue cells which may be on the skin. You know me – it’s highly likely there will be a rogue or two, eh? It’s me! But it’s not a problem, just gotta get zapped. Apparently, they look similar to mosquito bites if they do come.. Would be nice if they don’t arrive, but if they do ‘shrug’.

I also told her about my current ailments – a bad back that wakes me at night, but is fine within minutes of getting up and funny vision on a more regular basis (I’ve had this related to migraine in the past, rarely, but it seems to be a fairly regular event at the mo). She’s completely convinced that it’s just chemo aftermath but is going to send me for a check up from the neck up, literally as the CT Scan I had before was only neck to pelvis. I suppose if I am very honest, I don’t like the thought of it, but I am glad she is doing it rather than saying ‘there there don’t worry’, because when your vision goes a bit screwy, you do worry!!!

I got several comments on the lovely red boots that I got from Shoes Glorious Shoes and one of the nurses said it’s always lovely to see me because I am so cheerful. Yep, that’s me – mostly!

Next Judy appointment in June (early, not late I said, cos planning a holiday!). I will see her every 6 months and the oncologist every 6 months, so will be up the hospital every 3 months (obviously once the radio finishes!). They won’t recognise me anymore! Especially as the hair is growing back at a rate of knots!

Oh, and on the hair subject, if anyone is looking for stocking fillers, I’ll be in need of BIC razors again. Shaved my legs twice since Monday and the bikini line is going to need maintenance. To every silver lining, there is a cloud. Harrumph!

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