Oh yeah, I forgot…

Judy also said she fully expects that my periods will return. I don’t know if I want kids, but chemo potentially stopping me, of course meant I was starting to think about it. So me…And if they don’t return, there’s a million gazillion things they can do to assist (no mention of turkey basters, so you’re safe this Christmas).

Anyway, now I know that I can go back to remembering that I am probably too selfish for my own children, I have a business to concentrate on, which is going to growing phenomenally in 2010, a yummy man to look after and plenty of kiddiwinks around to borrow when I need to remember how much I love them and how much I love giving them back!!!!

2 responses to “Oh yeah, I forgot…

  1. Hi you! We met at the Christmas Creative Meeting and after hearing so much about you – it was a pleasure – a passionate PA indeed! All I can say is my positive thoughts and prayers are with you. I so hope we meet again; I thought you such a wonderful spirit to be around. With so much love x J

  2. Hey gorgeous,

    My ma has just shown me this wonderful blog (I know a little slow on the uptake over here…it’s desperately worrying when your mothers more advanced then you on the tinterweb!!). Got to say best read I’ve had in a long long time! Laughing through the tears – best emotion in the world. Think I may have just quoted from steel magnolias or summit then but it’s bloody true! Working myself systematically through but had to comment on this bit. If you ever have any maternal moments we have a variety of sprogs to choose from…please feel free to come and loan one. Also just wanted to let you know you’re massively on my mind and in my heart at the moment. I know we’ve not seen each other in years but you’ll always be my 2nd big sister.

    Love you millions – me and Lola say a little prayer for you every night. x x x

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