Check up from the neck up….

Was brought forward because I had BAD headaches over Christmas. Me. In bed. Over Christmas. Bugger.

So – outcome. 8 lumps at least, all over the place in my brain. Radiotherapy starts this week or next. Prognosis is 1 to 5 years. A bit shit but to be honest I am going to do a life times frolicking from now on. Watch out people, it gets messy from here 🙂

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  1. Hey babe, we’ve never met irl, but you are often in my thoughts. Virtual hugs when you need them, and a virtual kick up the arse for the other times. xx

  2. You are the strongest person I know. Never change. Thinking of you.

  3. Hi hon. Dumbfounded by this news. I have no words. Big massive love. x

  4. Cancer can fuck right off.

    Brad loves his Pash.

  5. Hi Sarah…just go this. A thousand hugs. xx

  6. Sarah hon just read this – you so dont deserve this but I know you will continue with your PMA – party on girl…… Love and hugs – you know where I am ….

  7. Pash – just saw your post on BCC… I am so sorry… Just wanted to send you love and I know you are going to go out there and fit in as much as you can…

    Love Theresa x

  8. Pash although we have never met, reading this has took my breath away

    That said, your positive mental attitude is massively inspiring to me and Im sure many others x

  9. Tara Holland (O'Malley!)

    Sarah. Your story and its journey has affected a lot of people powerfully all around the globe it seems. Here I sit in NZ with tears rolling down my cheeks in sheer frustration, disbelief and admiration for you. You are one strong and fabulous lady. If it’s possible to embrace life any more than you do already- go for it :-)))))))))))) Hugs, Tara xxxx

  10. Pash, I just wanted to write and say how brave, illuminating and demystifying I find your blog. I use the BCC site and am recovering from bc but IDC not IBC. I just hope you respond brilliantly to the brain rads and you go on for many years to defy the statistics.

    Love Victoria x

  11. Pash, I just read the whole thing from start to finish – never seen it before, and you totally amaze me; totally. I’m also sending you big hugs, best wishes and love xx.

  12. Pash, I am devastated to hear your news today. I am Dee Dee’s friend and colleague, Ali. I have been following your story as you are just down the road from us. In fact I was in Poole today visiting my OH’s mum.

    You are such a breath of fresh air, so positive and vibrant, and I know you will take this new challenge by the scruff and shake it til you can shake no more!

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Ali xx

  13. Lost for words pash. You’re one brave lady. Thinking of you and inspired by your pma! X x

  14. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Bird, you so don’t deserve this, you are so amazingly awesome and if anyone can kick this in the butt it’s you. Big love to you honey xxxxx

  15. Hi

    Never met you but…………..had radio 2 and half years ago, tedious, but no pain, skin raw at end – USE MOISTURISER (they didn’t tell me til later on) aloe vera or aqueous cream are ok, and only two recommended by hospital. Good luck, thinking of you.xx

  16. Kimbo love & hugs forever :o) xoxo

  17. No, no, no. That’s not the plan at all. Go back and do it properly. Numbers like these are for the guidance of wise men and women, and the blind obedience of fools. Meet me for a pint in 2020 so we can laugh at them xxx

  18. No Nickers (you have been in my phone as no nickers for ages now, but not sure why)…you are the most positive and tough girl I know! Lots of love sending your way xxxx

  19. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts Pash. I think of you often and know that if anyone can prove them wrong, its you.

    Now get out that there and grab life by the cahones!

  20. Hey Sarah,
    What a bugger!
    Good tip about the moisturiser -will find out about the aloe vera if I can.
    Pete met a lady whose husband is having an experimental treatment for his brain tumour on a clinical trial, so can put you in touch with her if needs be. (It involves electricity somehow!)
    PMA be damned, hope you’ve had a bit of a cry, and I would be glad to catch up soon.
    Anne x

  21. Sarah – Just read this and I just cant believe it. I have no words. Big love and snogs to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hey you – so sorry to hear the news.
    A friend of mine told me some people die from cancer and some people live with it, she lived with it and had an amazing time – if anyone can live with this shit disease it’s you.
    Party hard hun x

  23. Hi you! We met at the Christmas Creative Meeting and after hearing so much about you – it was a pleasure – a passionate PA indeed! All I can say is my positive thoughts and prayers are with you. I so hope we meet again; I thought you such a wonderful spirit to be around. With so much love x J

  24. Hey Pash Gal

    Love the PMA and the idea of frolicking – let’s face it no-one what’s going to happen to any of us at any time so living for the moment is always the very best thing to do. But ….. tears are good too, they release sooooo much tension and stress (sometimes you aren’t even aware you are carrying either) and those are things we can all do with less of in our lives too.

    BIG BIG HUG and let’s start the party. xxxxxx

  25. Sarah, I really have no words but know that you will cherish every precious moment…X

  26. Oh fuck. That wasn’t meant to happen. Get out there and get living and if anyone can beat this horrible thing you can. Gop get ’em girl xxx

  27. You’re an inspiration to us all with your honesty & PMA…
    if your frolicking is going to get messy I’m sure I can rustle up a couple of shit jobs for a laugh like the one we did together a while back! xx

  28. Words escape me. I feel so small you are such a huge inspiration. OK Chick what’s you biggest wish? Come out with it. Lets rock some good times BIG style. Huggles Mads and the Boys xxx

  29. Kick it in the balls then party like you’ve never partied before!!

    I’m with Brad, cancer can FUCK OFF!

    Big hugs and cwtches.

  30. Pash, I know it all seems pretty crap right now, remember that docs don’t know everything and they can get it wrong. I wrote a 101 things I wanted to do, still only done 2 of them as something else comes along but if you need a hand achieving any of your dreams there will be lots of people willing to help.

  31. Just caught up with your news hon, bugger bugger bugger.

    Prove ’em all wrong and frolick forever!

    Hugs. x

  32. Why does this seem to happen to the MOST fabulous people you have ever known??!! Oh Sarah-I along with so many am so shocked by this news…but I know that you will continue to be such a fantastically bright shining light who illuminates all the more brightly in this darkness which is Cancer-you have already beaten this Sarah in your awesome response to this terrible illness…I Love you sooooooooooo much Sxxxx

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