Thank you for all the lovely messages

Sorry that I won’t respond to every single one individually, but I do read and appreciate each and every one.

Update from this end…2 radiotherapies already completed. Don’t feel great today – got a bit of a headache and feel sick off and on…to be expected apparently. Grrrrreat!

Check this out, though…

Everyone is going to die. It just brings a bit of clarity to matters when you are 35 and there is a timeline on it. So it makes you think of what you want to do before you go. And you know what I am learning about myself? There isn’t an awful lot on the list! I have a great life, the best man in the world, the best friends, and the best family. I have no desire to go abseiling, potholing or that crazy stuff people seem to want to go when they know they are going to die. I just want more of the same, purlease. Actually, there are a few little frickin fantastic gems under way, but more about them when they are official 😉

3 responses to “Thank you for all the lovely messages

  1. Pash, Poole certainly seem to be on the ball and I am glad that you are getting the swift treatment you deserve. Here’s hoping the headache subsides soon and your little plots are able to manifest themselves into some spectacular “must dos.”

  2. You are one awesome girl Sarah, you really are xx

  3. Sarah, thanks so much for this glimpse into your life at such a vulnerable time….the strength of which you are dealing with all that is happening is truly inspiring- you’ve always been someone I’ve looked up to, but this is something else!!! We’re all here for you, love you and are praying for you every day, big hugs from charmaine, jazzy, ella (and of course, the rest of the crispy clan!!) xxx

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