Bored of it now

I have never suffered from an overwhelming sense of energy running through my veins. I don’t eat terribly well and I don’t do enough exercise. But I am usually pretty normal. Walk for a good few miles without wanting to keel over etc. But these last few weeks have been a nightmare. There was at least 2 days where I just couldn’t get to the hospital for radio (though I since made those appointments up) and just walking up the stairs felt like a mountain to climb. I went to Tesco via taxi yesterday…how ridiculous. And when I got there, I was pretty damn pleased for a trolley to hold on to, and the sight of Neil wafting round the corner to rescue me and the soon to be roasted lamb.

I really need to get better now. It is well and truly doing my nut in. I am so looking forward to being a domestic goddess, but that certainly does not involve lying around watching telly forever and a day…I’ll go dooooo-lally!

3 responses to “Bored of it now

  1. I know youre knackered, but read back though your blog, what you need is a bit of pash PMA, treatment is done now, you need to rest, eat properly and you will be feeling a little more Anthea Turner every day I’m sure!

  2. Sarah – take your time with this honey – I know daytime tv is pants but SJ is right you need to rest and eat properly – yeah right!!! That doesnt mean live off crisps and chocolate! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday


  3. Sorry to hear it is frustrating you so much, I hope you start to feel better soon.


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