What a crock of shit

Finally I got my results from my CT Scan – direct by appointment with Chakkers. I said FUCK. Loud. They laughed. I cried.

Not as bad as it could be, but not the bestest news in the world either. The breast cancer that is is my brain is also in my lung and liver. Bums. Good news is its teeny and doesn’t affect the prognosis…so you still have to put up with me being around a while!!! I have a couple of weeks to recoup from radiotherapy and then they are gonna stick me on chemo again. Different this time – tablets to be taken from home with checkups in hospital every few weeks.

So, there we go. Another update in this crazy world and now home for Neil to be planning for us to have lots of nice weekends away. Yippee 🙂

8 responses to “What a crock of shit

  1. Pash – sorry to hear there was some further spread as you said French Connection UK… Just wondering have they now cancelled your rads to your mastectomy area etc?
    Hope you are able to organise some great trips away…
    Take care

    Theresa (BCC forum)

  2. You so don’t deserve for this to happen to you and words seem entirely inadequate. What a CRAP illness cancer is. Thank goodness for Neil and “Chackers” and the wonderful people in your life.

    You only need pick up the phone if you need anything from this part of Poole.

  3. I am so sorry to hear your news again today, I keep willing for you to get some good news for once.

    My partner left me at the weekend, it is a great leveller to read your blog and you are such an inspiration. Keep fighting, keep blogging and most of all, keep being yourself. xx

  4. Babe, once again words fail me, it is a big effing crock of kak and I wish I could take it all away from you. You fight girl and keep fighting. You have my heart xx

  5. Uncle Pete and Auntie Chris

    So sorry it wasn’t good news and you will have to go through chemo again but keep fighting it and hope Neil and SJ are looking after you really well, I’m sure they are.

    Load of love

    C & P xxxx

  6. No words can express the thoughts and love we have for you….big hugs to our lovely Sarah xxxx

  7. BOLLOCKS babes we should all live each day like it,s our last, enjoy it baby you always have xxx

  8. Hi ya,
    I don’t know you but your story has touched me deeply.

    I joined 4N in December in Bristol and heard about their efforts with Cash4Pash.

    I wish you every good blessing and am sending you happiness and postivity vibes all weekend.

    You’re an inspiration! I hope I might meet you one day at a 4N meeting.

    Have a great weekend and laugh as much as you can.

    Warmest regards

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