Physically knackered but brain starting to feel less mongy

Is mongy a phrase I should use? Probably not. But lets face it, I have never been PC, have I? I am totally and utterly bored of feeling so pooped physically, but I am pleased that my brain feels like it wants to work again.

My focus at the moment is ripping the state for every penny I can get. And a blue badge for my car. Well, not my car, because I am not allowed to drive any more. But for anyone who chooses to drive me round like Miss Daisy. I have also applied for a bus pass which Macmillan think I might be able to get on the house as it were. I have written to them to ask them to post it to me. I am not sure I can cope with the excitement of another sitting around with chavs in council waiting rooms.

I am looking forward to selling the business now. I didn’t know I would actually look forward to selling it – I felt such a passion for it. But I am quite excited that I actually created something from the depths of my brain that someone (in fact a few people) is worth something. That’s kind cool, huh? Just gotta get the details drawn up for what I am selling and how much etc. Muchos to do. Exciting times.

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