So, having established from the trip to the cinema yesterday to see Avatar in 3D that I am probably the only person in the whole world that didn’t think it was all that, it did get me thinking.


What is it. There is a message for me. But I don’t know what it is. I need to find it.

I desperately wanted a Pandora bracelet for Christmas, and of course my lovely boy obliged, and it’s decorated with beautiful beads from friends and family.

And the (rubbish) film was about a place called Pandora.

There is something there…I gotta find it. Odd. But you’ll see. I get these hunches and I am usually right….

4 responses to “Pandora

  1. You should go and see its complicated-bloody funny especially the laptop moment!!

    Oh yeah and we hear you!!!!!!!

    Love you x x x

  2. I thought it was bit odd as well – its defintely a boy film I think!
    I’m watching Howard’s Way at the moment – much better and you can pretend you are in the 80s still.

    Keep up the PMA – you’re an inspiration you really are.

  3. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the one thing left in pandora’ box once she’d opened it was Hope. x

  4. I’m very jealous you got a bracelet i asked too and i didnt get one !!! I will admire it from across the room, just dont leave it lying around.
    See you tomorrow xxx

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