Oh my. The pain in my legs since I woke this morning has been enough to make me cry, dammit. I took some painkillers and just taken some more. Horrible. I feel like an old woman.

Never mind, good day to be off to the hospital today I suppose. I can whinge to them and they can do something. And they will. They are good like that.

Today is back on chemo day. Great, can’t wait. Whoopee do. The sun has fcuked off, too. I’m miserable. And I haven’t had my bloods done cos I kinda forgot so I’ll be at the hospickle ages. Shit day. Fuck PMA.

However, Neil did make me laugh solidly by telling me I needed to do some lunges. He WAS joking, but said it with such a serious tone, if I had one millisecond of doubt, it was there. He does make I larf.

2 responses to “Tears

  1. Its a shit day all round hun – I guess

    I still have my cold and we still haven’t got any money.

    BUT Neil made you ‘larf’ and Gez is cuddly and you never know what is round the corner. We thought we had a customer coming in to have a whinge about their recently made furniture and it all turned out well in the end.

    Keep smiling Beautiful

    We all lurve you

    Mads xxxx

  2. You know what hon – you are going to have bad/shit days and there is no harm in admitting it – at least you can still be made to laugh!

    Remember tomorrow will be better

    Love you lots

    Hels xxx

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